Lighten Your Load


Do you spend time on operations you'd rather spend with clients?

Are you allergic to administration?

Is organization like a foreign language?

Turbo-charge your to do list.  Do what you love.

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Helen Van Dongen

ceo | virtual executive assistant

Are you tired of cramming operational tasks into the end of your day (or worse -- your weekend)?  Is your business running you, instead of the other way 'round?


A virtual assistant supports your business without costing you office space, technology, or benefits.  You don't pay for professional development or vacation time.  You're charged only for the services provided, and only when you need them.

You're a skilled professional;  I'm a skilled administrator.  Let's both focus on what we're best at.  The time you spend on operations is time you could be working with (and billing!) clients.

What is the status quo costing you?

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You Work In Your Business;  I'll Work On Your Business