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Helen Van Dongen
ceo | fractional executive assistant

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My Superpowers

I was born organized. By high school, I was stage managing the drama club.  I've always done my best work behind the curtain.

I've spent decades supporting senior leaders.  High performers.  C-suite execs.​


I'm a planner, a scheduler, a project manager, a strategist, a list-maker, a collaborator, a coach, a communicator and a leader.  A bit silly, a bit saucy, a bit sweary.  I’m known for my straight talk, strong relationships, integrity and deep experience.  I’ve worked for partnerships, companies, not-for-profits, and entrepreneurs.


Now I want to work for you.


Strategic & Knowledgeable

Helen's professionalism and sound approach to business make her a leader.  I consider her a mentor to me and to others. Helen is what "best practices" are all about.

Sandra Wood, CMP

Executive Director

Canadian Kitchen Cabinet Association

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