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Services & Rates

Do you spend time on operations you'd rather spend with clients?

Are you allergic to administration?

Is organization like a foreign language?

Turbo-charge your to do list.  Lighten your load.

What Do You Need?

Executive Support

I can help with tasks like:

- email/vmail triage and reply

- calendar management

- expense management

- business writing/proofreading

- writing/editing marketing collateral

- invoicing and payment processing

- travel arrangements

- restaurant/entertainment


- presentation design

- meeting minutes

- customer service

- data entry

- recruiting/team management

Personal Assistance

I can help with tasks like:

- personal errands

    (banking, gifts, travel, etc.)

- contractor/vendor management

- chauffeuring/vehicle management

- staff scheduling

- pet duties​​

Event Management

I can help with tasks like:

- venue sourcing

- contract negotiation

- critical path

- registration

- food & beverage

- audio-visual

- entertainment

- decor

- financial management

- onsite execution



Price is what you pay.  Value is what you get.

Ad Hoc

Variable Hours

If your needs are intermittent or unpredictable, this is the option for you.


per hour


Consistent Commitment

If your needs are predictable, this is your best choice.






10 hours/month

20 hours/month

40 hours/month

60 hours/month

80 hours/month

All rates in Canadian Dollars


Per Project

For event management or other one-time projects with a beginning, middle and end.

Fee Based on

Scope of Work

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